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Business Solutions for the UAE Accounting CRM Reporting VAT Invoicing

The only UAE specific Business Solution. Ready for UAE VAT, for small to medium sized enterprises. Easy to use and cloud based.


Invoice Processing

Process sales by easily entering in Quotations, Sales Orders, and Sales Invoices. Customise your invoice and email them directly to your customers. Track debtors, and send auto reminders

Calculate UAE VAT

The only UAE VAT specialist software. Process VAT returns effortlessly, in the format required by the UAE Government. Get reminders to submit VAT returns to avoid penalties. Store digital copies of receipts and invoices

Point of sale

Seamlessly sync with multiple POS stations, locations, multiple users, print your own barcodes and manage stock in real time. You can customise your receipts, and Cash-Up at the end of each day.

Point of Sale

Full Feature Point of Sale (POS). Process sales quickly and manage stock in real time.

Mobile access

Access your system from any device: iPads, Android Tablets, and smartphones. Makes sales on the go, or check up on your business while you’re not there


AMC is the only accounting software specifically designed to handle UAE VAT. With AMC you can calculate VAT immediately, send approved invoices.


50+ Financial and Management reports. Customisable, simple and powerful. Track projects or jobs. You can send all reports to PDF and MS Excel.

Multi Currency

Operate in UAE Dirhams or USD, or any currency you wish. You can also bill in any currency.


Sync with your marketing suite, and track all activities: Phone conversations, emails, documents and meetings.

Cloud benefits

Operate on any device anywhere. Simply login from anywhere in the world and see your data live. No more backing up data! No more upgrading software


AMC is a business solution, and all the accounting happens in the background, but you still have features, such as Journal Entry and chart of accounts.


Handle multiple currency accounts, spend money, receive money or move money between accounts. Upload your bank statements and auto reconcile accounts.


Invoicing and sales order processing. Convert a Quotation to a Sales Order to an Invoice. Custom layouts for stock and services. Track debtors automatically


Manage your whole purchase ordering process, receiving items and returns. Ensure you always pay your suppliers on time. Send automatic remittances.


Manage your stock levels, in multiple locations and warehouses. Set price levels, and create bundles and custom products. Keep a track of serial numbers.

Multi User

Multi user access, according to job role, or software area. Scaleable to more than 100 users.

Are you ready for VAT in UAE?

From the 1st January 2018 every business selling certain goods will have to report on VAT. AMC is the only Software specifically designed to handle UAE VAT.

Share your data with your accountant

Add your accountant to your account in seconds. No need to send paper, or electronic reports. Your accountant simply logs on and can view your live data.


Security is our business. Your data will be held in secure servers with military grade protection, and disaster recovery procedures in place, so you can be sure your data is secure

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